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Québec Craft Beers

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

- Corsaire -

Corsaire has become a key player in the Québec and Canadian brewing scene, and has so far been awarded 26 medals of excellence from the most prestigious international competitions, including a Silver Medal for the Kirke at the 2018 World Beer Cup.

Queen Anne’s Revenge

Raspberries, haskap berries & hibiscus wheat beer • 4.9% ABV

This speciality wheat beer is infused with rasp­berries, haskap berries and hibiscus flowers. Your palate sure won’t be disappointed. With its refreshing taste, it is the ultimate summer beverage. Queen Anne’s Revenge will tickle your taste buds with its fruity bouquet of flavors.

Tanaka Ginger

Wheat Beer • 4.6% ABV

Refreshing in taste, Tanaka is an unfiltered delicious exotic beer. The satisfaction we get from seeing our brewers peel the ginger roots for this beer is nothing compared to the satisfaction in flavor you will get by drinking it.


Dry Hop Sour • 4% ABV

Delicious heavenly, sour and hoppy beverage that focuses on the hops’ aromatic and a perfectly balanced acidity.


- Le Bilboquet Microbrasserie -

Founded in 1990, Le Bilboquet is one of the first microbreweries in Québec. Since then, it has never stopped innovating to offer to its consumers a wide variety of exceptional beers. Le Bilboquet specializes in the production of craft beers, including unfiltered and aged beers. Made from malted barley, wheat, top quality hops and selected yeast, our beers of all styles are constantly renewed to remain up to date to the consumers’ tastes.


Biere Blanche Wheat Beer 5% ABV

Soft and refreshing German hefeweizen with a traditional banana and pear perfume. The German yeast gives this beer its aroma of banana and clove. This thirst quencher is a great balance between wheat’s smooth body and dominant yeast profile.


Scotch Ale • 10.8% ABV

Mackroken Flower is the most awarded beer in our collection. Our unique Scotch Ale highlights wildflower honey from western Quebec. Let yourself be amazed by its aromas of dates and port wine. The 10.8 abv is well hidden behind its creamy texture and high residual sugar.


Biere Sure Aux Bleuets Du Quebec Et Au Lactose • 6% ABV

Pink sour beer brewed with plenty of Quebec blueberries. Its smooth texture comes from the addition of lactose and Lac St-Jean wild blueberries are making it an inevitable beer to try for fruity beer enthusiasts.


- Brasseurs Du Monde -

Ever since our founding, Brasseurs du Monde’s goal has been to offer a product lineup that fully satisfies the diverse tastes of our clientele. Over the past few years, we’ve noticed that the selection of products available on the market for gluten-sensitive people is extremely limited, despite the fact that this segment of the population continues to grow. We therefore set out to find an alternative to standard beer that would offer the same taste, flavours and drinking experience, without the discomfort caused by gluten. After several years of R&D and trials, we’re proud to introduce our new line of deglutenized products made without compromising the quality of our beer!

Célébrante Blonde Aux Levures De Champagne - Blonde with Champagne Yeast • 7% ABV

Célébrante is a blonde ale fermented with champagne yeast. Brewed to be enjoyed at special, significant moments in life, much like Champagne, Célébrante is also well-suited to good meals with friends. Mellow and slightly sweetish notes of wild flower honey and subtle flavours of yellow fruits emerge as soon as the bubbly liquid enters your mouth. When the moment is right, keep the Célébrante in sight.


Affinée En Fût Chardonnay

Ten years is a milestone worth celebrating! This is the first of our anniversary beers, made by aging our popular Célébrante in oak barrels that were used to mature California Chardonnay white wine. The taste profile features wildflower honey and ripe yellow fruit, along with slightly woody notes that present the soft, subtle “buttery” flavours typical of Chardonnays.

Maple Porter

Porter Styler Beer Brewed With Maple Syrup • 5.8% ABV

The mellow, woody aromas produced by a generous amount of Québec maple syrup, added during the fermentation process, blend with the toasted cereal aromas of a traditional porter. The full-bodied residual sugars from both combine perfectly for a smooth, delicious taste. Ideal with dessert or sharp cheese and also after spending some time out in the cold playing winter sports.


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