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Coming soon to the Rave Associates portfolio just in time for tailgate season, RIGHT NOW WINES. Packaged in 375 ml 4-pack cans or sell them individually. Contact your Rave Associates Sales Representative for more detail or to place an order. Visit Stupendous Cellars.


Right Now allows you the freedom to go anywhere. Right Now is about having what you want, when you want it. Try it on a rafting trip, at the summit of your hike, in the park for a date, or sitting at home listening to your favorite new album.

What’s the advantage of a can?

Not only are cans mobile in ways that glass bottles aren’t, cans are much better for the environment. Drink what you want and leave a smaller footprint.

Will it taste like other canned wine?

In Right Now Wines all you’ll taste is high-quality grapes. A can is not an excuse to compromise on quality.

Why are wineries switching to cans?

Great question. It’s the march of progress. Old, engrained, and stodgy beliefs have kept us from putting wine in cans. For decades, winemakers refused to use synthetic corks or screw caps, even though their wine would suffer being “corked.” Who said that this was the only way? Who told you we couldn’t put great wine in a can?

This is the first of our reds, so why Red #8? A trick many restaurants use is to list the wines in order from lightest to heaviest. We are doing the same with our reds. The scale runs from 1-11. This wine, Red #8, is medium-heavy in body with bright red, brambly fruit and a little spice.


What can we say about rosé that hasn’t already been said? Yes it’s delicious, yes it goes with everything, yes I’ll have another. The Right Now Rosé is a celebration of innovation and versatility. This is the best rosé in a can, period.


The Alpine Stream White is the most versatile white that we know of. Not only is it in a can that can go anywhere, anytime, but it’s profile is balanced and fresh. We loved the mineral notes that for us evoked the mountains. This is the kind of white wine we want to be drinking at 10,000 feet on the slopes, even in the snow. 


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