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APPLE FLATS Cocktail Mixers

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Today, thousands of people enjoy Appleflats crabapple products. All of our crabapples are still hand-picked and never sprayed with pesticides or herbicides. We are proud to produce natural products made with simple ingredients and without artificial colours or sweeteners.

To make life simpler, we took our 500ml mixers and dropped them down a size for functionality and practicality. Our new ready to drink mixers come in 250ml bottles, allowing you to conveniently grab and go, so you have one less thing to think about. These small bottles means little to no waste and they also make for a great non-alcoholic mid day refreshment.


Our amazing Sweet Maple Crabapple Mixer, is simply to die for in you favorite drink or coffee concoction. In now comes in ready to drink bottles, making it convenient and easy to bring to almost any occasion. I has the perfect splash of sweetly-tart crabapple and maple flavor, it's low sugar, all natural, locally grown and you can drink it completely on its own.


The Sour Apple Crabapple Mixer is great with whisky sours, appletinis, sangria and almost any mixed drink you can think of. It has the perfect splash of sweetly-tart crabapple flavor , its low sugar, and all natural.


Does anything say sunset summer like a ripe peach? Tart crabapple juice mixed with a clingstone Niagara peach it the perfect blend of subtle peach flavor and lip smacking crabapple juice. This mixer is a perfect pairing with gin or vodka based cocktails.


The Juicy Pear mixer combines the tartness of crabapple juice with the sweetness of Niagara Bartlett Pears. Perfect mixing with spiced rum, or tequila.


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