Kasteel USA introduces their collection Nitro brews. The Kasteel range largely mirrors the rich Belgian beer tradition as it includes a blond beer (Kasteel Nitro Blond), a porter beer (Kasteel Nitro Noir) and the odd one out in the range is the unique Kasteel Rouge, a blend of Kasteel Donker and cherries. Contact your Rave Rep to place an order or for more information.

Bacchus Nitro Flemish Old Brown

Impresses through both its sourness and the slight touch of caramel brought by the roasted malt. Therefore, Bacchus Nitro Flemish Old Brown is a very refreshing beer with a pleasant aftertaste. A zesty thirst-quencher full of character and history!

Bacchus Nitro Cherry Brewed using Bacchus Flemish Old Brown as a base. It offers a beautiful balance between the aromas of ripe cherries and the sweet and sour of the base beer. A zesty thirst-quencher!

Bacchus Nitro Raspberry

Brewed on a Bacchus Flemish Old Brown base. It offers a beautiful balance between the aromas of sweet raspberries and the sweet and sour of the base beer. A zesty thirst-quencher!

Kasteel Nitro Barista

Clear notes of caramel, toffee and chocolate. In terms of flavor and taste, this nitro infused specialty beer is known as a quadruple. The aromas of the roasted malt, the dark color and the rich foamy head are similar to a porter and a stout. A unique beer that every beer lover should taste!

Kasteel Nitro Blond

Beautifully balanced with hop bitters and malty aromas. The hints of fruit from the yeast blend in well with the citruslike hoppiness. The beautiful balance makes the beer mild in the aftertaste and is therefore an excellent thirst-quencher.

Kasteel Nitro Noir

A clear taste of roasted malts, complemented by subtle caramel notes. The soft bitterness is balanced by a sweet fruitiness, making this porter easy to drink.

Kasteel Nitro Quad

A gastronomic beer with a complex character and subtle notes of port. Delicate hop bitters in the finish follow the initial hints of roasted and caramelised malt. Kasteel Nitro Quad is very tasty with game or in combination with a cheese board!

Kasteel Nitro Rouge

Unique blend of Kasteel Donker and macerated cherries. The ruby red color, rich foamy head and sweet taste lead to a unique specialty beer with a balanced taste and subtle hints of cherries. This fruity beer serves great as refreshment on a sunny terrace. Are you ready for la vie en Rouge?

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