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LaGrow Organic Beer Co.

At LaGrow Beer Co. we are committed to quality. We partner with local, organic hop farmers who are as serious about sustainability and integrity as we are, to source the finest and purest ingredients for our beer.  We then take our commitment a step further and work with the USDA to certify every step of our brewing process to ensure that not only what goes in the package is worthy of it but, how it gets there is 100% uncompromised.  This hardline commitment to excellence gives us the confidence we need to deliver on our promise to you – great beer that is bold, honest and uncompromised.


Bold, Balanced, Uncompromised

Dry-hopped English Style IPA with a clean citrus taste and big malt backbone. 7.25% ABV | 53 IBU FOOD PAIRINGS: Steak, tacos, Indian curries, fries, fried chicken. For dessert, caramel apple pie. 


Refreshing, Refined, Uncompromised

Orange zest showcased through pure ingredients and finished off with a bubbly, smooth taste. 5.15% ABV | 20 IBU FOOD PAIRINGS: Seafood, pasta, lemon chicken. For dessert, key lime pie.


Smooth, Sophisticated, Uncompromised

Rich malt and cocoa nib flavors with a hint of dark-roasted coffee,  this beer is strikingly bold and luxuriously balanced.   8.3%  ABV | 40 IBU ​FOOD PAIRINGS: Juicy steak, leg of lamb, well seasoned pork chop, and brie cheese. For dessert, rich and chocolatey cake, cheese cake, or raspberry sorbet


Aromatic, Artisan, Uncompromised 

Our American Pale Ale is brewed and dry hopped with a generous amount of citra hops which presents a balanced, citrus nose. The perfect beer for an all day event, it will leave you standing for the long haul.    5.1% ALC | VOL ​FOOD PAIRINGS: Fresh salmon, tuna, or garden fresh cobb salad. Light garlic pasta or an appropriately seasoned burger. For dessert, bananas foster.


Crisp, Clean, Uncompromised

A  crisp, bready malt sweetness complimented by a delicate hop aroma results in a light-bodied, incredibly drinkable brew.  5.3% ALC | VOL FOOD PAIRINGS: Shellfish, pasta (without cream or meat sauce), grilled pork, and spicy Latin and Mexican food.


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