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NEW: Sullivan's Brewing Company

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Sullivan’s beer is inspired by traditional Kilkenny recipes and brewed by hand, in small batches with the finest local- ly-sourced ingredients from Ireland. The beer is fermented up to four times longer than any other leading Irish ale. Sullivan’s uses base volume b

rewing methods, as opposed to diluted methods used in larger commercial operations.

First established in 1702, the Sullivan brewing name was once the biggest of its kind in Kilkenny but fell into abeyance in the last century. The brand is now being resurrected by the legendary Smithwick brewing family, who retained control of the name to this day and are now behind its relaunch.

Sullivan and Smithwick breweries were neighbors as well as the sole Irish brewers and maltsters to survive to the twentieth century. During times of famine, the Sullivan and Smithwick families opened soup kitchens at the Sullivan Brewery and increased employment at their respective breweries to mitigate the impact on the town of Kilkenny. Both families were closely connected with the Great Liberator Daniel O’Connell and played a significant part in the Repeal Movement.

Historic Timeline:

• 1702 Sullivan’s Brewing Company is established, and grows to be biggest in the area 1827 The Smithwick name is launched as a beer brand in Kilkenny • 1918 Smithwick’s acquires the Sullivan’s brewing brand after it is forced to closed 1965 Guinness (now Diageo) takes control of Smithwick’s, buying the family interest 2014 Diageo relocates Smithwick’s to Dublin, marking the first time in 800 years that

Kilkenny is without a commercial brewery • 2016 Smithwick family relaunches the Sullivan’s brand in Kilkenny; brewery launches its North American market entry via Buffalo, NY


Enjoy this canned version of our Irish Golden Ale. Traditionally brewed with lightly roasted cara malt and finished with first Gold Aroma Hops.


30 L Kegs

6/4 pk 400ml Cans


A classic ruby ale with deep malt combining rich biscuit and mental caramel notes.


30 L Kegs 6/4 pk 400ml Cans

Black Marble Stout

Enjoy this full-flavored traditional Irish Stout from Ireland's oldest brewery. Roast coffee and fruit notes balanced by delicious hop bitterness.


30 L Kegs


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