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KOMES for the Holiday!

Komes delivers traditional 18th century Baltic states brewing history this holiday season. Over 8%, real Raspberry juice, vanilla, and chile peppers make this one of the more incredible products we have consumed over our years of discovering great products from around the world! The Imperial Imperial Stout delivers notes of chocolate and coffee from the roasted barley. There is a reason why there is a Gold Cup Winning logo on the front of that bottle. You will figure it out when you drink em …Contact your Rave Rep. to lean more.

Komes Raspberry Porter is a multi-dimensional, bottom-fermented beer. At the maturing stage, it is enriched with raspberry juice, Madagascar vanilla and Indian chilli peppers. It offers a unique combination of sweetness from the porter and vanilla and fruity notes of raspberries, topped with a slightly spicy finish. Despite its strength, the beer is extremely drinkable and reminiscent of chocolate and vanilla ice-cream. Over time in bottle, it changes its profile to increasingly mild when the notes of the roasted malts transform into dark fruits, reinforcing the beer’s fruity aspect.

Komes Imperial Stout is a strong and intensive, top-fermented beer brewed with Ukrainian hop varieties (Klon and Slovianka). The flavour is distinctly roasted with coffee and chocolate notes thanks to roasted barley. After long storage in the brewery, the alcohol in the beer does not irritate but rather delicately warming. Rich and oily owing to rye malt. Within 36 months of its minimum shelf life, it becomes smoother and acquires more and more dark fruit notes.


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